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Getting healthy is a journey

sandy steinbrook about me pageHi, I’m Sandy, and I’m so glad you stopped by!   I am on a journey to get healthy and enjoy life by feeding my family real, nourishing foods, detoxing our home and getting chemicals out of the products we use all in an attempt to become healthier.

The greatest investment I can ever make is in my health. It’s the best gift I can give to my family.

Getting healthy is a journey. Without our health we are unable to enjoy life to it’s fullest.

I am making one change at a time to become healthier.  If you do too much at once, you will become overwhelmed and quit.

I do not claim to be 100% healthy. I run on an 80/20 lifestyle, where I have changed 80% of our food and lifestyle and working towards continuing to get more healthy.

It is truly a journey and learning experience.  But wow, it is worth the effort to feel good!


My Health Concerns that Changed my Way of Thinking

I’ve had thyroid issues and been on a medication for it for years.  I never new I could at least help control the issue with a change in my diet.  I just popped a pill every single day.

I was then diagnosed a year ago with rosacea.

The dermatologist wrote a prescription and handed it to me.   But, I wanted to fix the underlying cause, not pop a pill everyday.

My skin was very red and inflamed and also had large red painful pustules on my cheeks that would flair up at different times.  I thought I had adult acne until the dermatologist told me different.

I knew there had to be an underlying cause and my skin was telling me something was off in my body.

My body was telling me there were issues.

Instead of “taking a pill for every ill”, I started researching and studying underlying causes and how to heal my body instead of masking it with medicine, but never really solving the underlying issue.

I knew there was inflammation in my body and gut that I needed to take care of.  Now I’m healing my body, and you can too.

What we are putting in our bodies and calling “food”, is hurting our health.

We don’t think as often about this but, the toxins we are using in our homes and products are also hurting our health!  I’m here to help change that.

Because of the changes I have made in my diet and personal products, my doctor was able to decrease my thyroid medicine down to less than half my original dose and I control the rosacea with natural treatments.  She said to me, I don’t know what you are doing but, keep it up!

I have energy and feel great!  No more afternoon tiredness and I sleep all night now.  I was not a good sleeper for years.

I am not saying there is anything wrong with medicine! We need medicine, but do we need as much as we are prescribed?

What if we can control some of our medical issues just as well with a proper diet and getting toxins out of our lives?  Maybe medicine will still have to be used, but not at the same levels as before.

It is worth the effort!

So if you too are looking to reclaim your health with practical, budget friendly tips, then stay right here!  I will do the research, which I love to do, and share the knowledge with you!


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My Family…My Why

I am wife to the Mr, and a Mama to 3 great kids! I love the outdoors, reading, exercising, spending time with friends, going on vacations and above all, my family!

I have a passion for learning new things, sharing with others, and truly enjoying everyday life.

This is why I began to embark on a lifestyle transformation that involves, eating a real food diet, de-toxing my home from chemical & dye laden products and living a lifestyle using products that are not going to bring disease and harm to my body.

There are so many all natural products on the market to help us get back to healthy living within our homes.


Health is not a diet…it’s a way of life

Getting processed foods out of our house and eating real food was the first step I took on our health journey.

Health is not a diet…it’s a way of life! If you try to overhaul your whole life at once, it’s too hard to stick with the changes.

I want to show others how easy and beneficial it is to live a healthy, sustainable life…on a budget, as we do!

As I said the rosacea diagnosis is what began my journey to really look at what I was eating, and what I was feeding my family.

The first thing I did was investigate our food sources and what preservatives, chemicals and dyes are being added.

I was appaled at what we are putting in our bodies and calling “food”. Getting back to natural food was my goal.

I stopped buying canned vegetables full of sodium and started buying frozen vegetables.

I stopped buying packaged foods and began cooking and serving whole, real food. It’s actually easy to use real food ingredients to make snacks or dinner.

I will share recipes on this site to help others learn how to eat and feed your daily better.


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Detoxing our Home and Everyday Products

From there I learned about the chemicals and dyes in our everyday products that are banned in Europe, but not in the U.S.A.  What??  That’s crazy.

There are over 1400 chemicals banned in Europe but only 11 banned in the USA to be used in products.

From cleaning supplies and dryer sheets, to deodorants, lotions and cosmetics.

What goes on your skin, our largest organ of the body, goes into your blood stream. I have learned so much about the toxins we use everyday in our products and how it is disrupting our hormones and causing disease.

Read the label on products in your home an decide if you want that to go in your skin and blood system, or into your children’s bodies.  There are may natural or at least healthier options on the market to buy.

After learning all of this I knew…this information has to be shared!


Join me on this journey to Get Healthy and Enjoy Life

I will be on a constant journey of learning and applying, but what a positive and fun  journey to pursue. I love to do the research and data. So let me do the work and you can read the condensed blog version full of information.

I’m on a continual journey to find what works for me and my family.

I have tried some “healthy” recipes that I wanted to throw away, some products I did not like, some natural skin care recipes that were a flop.  But I have also had success along the way with some great things that have helped us get healthy and I love sharing those successes with you!

I have a few motto’s for myself:

  • Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food- Hypocrites
  • Eat Healthy-Live Longer-Live Stronger
  • Eat less from a box, and more from the earth
  • Keep ingredients simple (pronounceable) and keep it healthy

Come along with me on this journey and you too can get healthy and enjoy life!

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Our other family member is our smiling dog, Sabo.