How to Drink Apple Cider Vinegar to get the Most Benefits

benefits of apple cider vinegar

There are so many benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar!

But, do you know the best way to drink Apple Cider Vinegar?


There is no denying the magic that apple cider vinegar has to offer, and you should absolutely find ways to incorporate it into your lifestyle.

Recently, everyone is tossing back shots of apple cider vinegar first thing in the  morning to kickstart their immune system, promote clear skin, and reap the other endless benefits of apple cider vinegar.

This may seem like a new trend but it is actually one of the oldest and most useful remedies on earth.

If you’re going to add apple cider vinegar to your daily diet, make sure you do it the right way.

It MUST be from “The Mother ”  in order to gain all the benefits of apple cider vinegar!

“The mother” means it still contains the beneficial good bacteria.

It is raw, organic, unfiltered and unpasteurized apple cider vinegar.


How to Drink Apple Cider Vinegar – CORRECTLY

Don’t drink it straight. That’s NOT a good plan, it can burn your esophagus and damage your tooth enamel.

Add water and use a straw to bypass your teeth! I use a stainless steel straw, which can be bought and used over and over like this pack of 4.

A straw also helps minimize contact with your taste buds.

Shake the apple cider vinegar every time before using. Otherwise all the good bacteria settles to the bottom.

Instead of a straight shot of apple cider vinegar, add a Tablespoon to a cup of warm water (12-16 ounces).

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) and water can be pretty bitter on its own.

With some additions the ACV will go down a little easier. There are also additions for a real metabolism boost.

Honey is a great addition to help sweeten the drink and make it more tolerable to drink. Use Raw Honey (like this) since it hasn’t been heated and stripped of all the beneficial nutrients.

Cinnamon, Cayenne Pepper and Lemon Juice Additions

Cinnamon is another great addition since it is one of the best antioxidants on the planet and helps balance blood sugar.

I like to add a dash of cayenne pepper and the juice from half a lemon.  Cayenne pepper is a serious metabolism booster and lemon juice contains vitamin C and has an alkaline effect on the body.

An alternative to squeezing a lemon is adding one drop of organic lemon essential oil (like this one) to your apple cider vinegar water. (Always choose organic oils when ingesting.)

 how to drink apple cider vinegar

5 Huge Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar


1. To Alkalize Your Body

When your body is in an alkaline state, you are less likely to suffer from chronic diseases.

When your body is in an acidic state, disease forms.

Cancer, for example, forms in a very acidic state in the body. Anything to alkalize your body helps reduce the opportunity for disease and toxins.

Maintaining an alkaline state helps encourage healthy cell turnover, which is key in the prevention of cancer.

2. Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

According to Dr. Josh Axe, certified doctor of natural medicine, the ability of apple cider vinegar to help maintain normal blood sugar is one of the most well-studied apple cider vinegar benefits.

Apple cider vinegar improves the way in which the liver and muscles absorbed sugar from the blood.

Also, according to the American Diabetes Association, ingesting ACV at bedtime lowers waking glucose levels.


3. Removes Lactic Acid from your body

Exercise and sometimes extreme stress cause lactic acid to build up in the body, causing fatigue.

Interestingly, the amino acids contained in apple cider vinegar act as an antidote. What’s more, apple cider vinegar contains potassium and enzymes that may relieve that tired feeling.

ACV also helps relieve leg cramps and prevents restless leg syndrome.

Since it contains potassium and calcium, which are both known to relieve muscle cramps, drinking ACV before bed can help prevent night time flare ups.

4. A Natural Energy Booster

Because of all the nutrients and enzymes, it is a great pick me up.  That is why I drink it in the morning.  It will help sustain energy throughout the day.

Next time you’re beat, add a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water to boost your energy.


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 5. Aids in Weight Loss

While there is no such thing as an easy fix, adding apple cider vinegar to your day may help you drop a few pounds.

According to Dr. Oz, research has shown that after rats were fed vinegar, they were protected from obesity and even showed an increase in the expression of genes linked to reduced belly fat and liver fat storage.

If you are struggling to lose weight in your midsection, drinking apple cider vinegar might particularly benefit you in that way.

What Time of Day to Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

I drink apple cider vinegar in the morning for the metabolism boost.  But not everyone can tolerate it first thing in the morning.  I know it makes some people nauseous on an empty stomach.

If this is the case, drink right before you begin a meal. About 15-20 minutes before a meal is best, if tolerated. If not drink with food.

If you have leg cramps at night or are using it to lower blood sugar levels, take right before bed.

You may also incorporate ACV in your salad dressing.

The benefits of apple cider vinegar are so powerful, just make sure you get it in your day somehow.


Apple Cider Drink Detox Recipe

  1. 1 glass of warm or hot water (12-16 oz.)
  2. 2 tablespoon organic apple cider vinegar (I use Braggs Organic ACV).
  3. 2 tablespoon lemon juice (or 1 drop organic lemon essential oil (like this one)
  4. ¼ teaspoon cinnamon.
  5. 1 dash cayenne pepper.http://amzn.to/2BYcU8A
  6. 1 teaspoon raw unfiltered honey

Shake bottle of ACV before each use. Combine all ingredients in a glass, mix, and drink.

You can use one additional ingredient, two, all, or none.  Make your drink however you want.

Remember to Protect Your Teeth!

This is very important!  You are adding water to protect your esophagus and digestive system but unless you protect your teeth, the acid over time, will weaken the enamel.

Drinking through a straw will prevent acids from the apple cider vinegar from damaging tooth enamel. The straw helps bypass your teeth. This is very important for good teeth health!

Buy a set of economical stainless steel straws (My family uses this pack of 4) to be used repeatedly.

They are rust proof, dishwasher safe, come with a cleaning brush, and can be re-used.

Also, to protect your teeth from acidity, brush your teeth before drinking the apple cider vinegar water.

Never ever brush your teeth right after!

Research done by the Mayo Clinic has shown that if you’ve consumed anything acidic to wait at least a half hour before brushing your teeth,  because of the weakened state of your enamel.

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How do you drink Apple Cider Vinegar and what additions do you use in your drink?  Let me know other ways that you use Apple Cider Vinegar!

How to drink apple cider vinegar to get huge benefits! Detox the body and lose belly fat.  Benefits of apple cider vinegar are weight loss, metabolism boost, reduces blood sugar, fights disease & stops night time leg cramps.

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